What Are The Different Types Of Snus?

Mainly, Snus is a type of moist powder smokeless tobacco product originated in the 18th century. The product is made up of dry snuff and placed inside the lips that are in between lips and gums. It takes some time to show its effects on the body. One does not need to split all the time after having Snus. Unless the tobacco is steam pasteurized.

Snus is the most common tobacco in many European countries, such as in Norway, France, Germany, etc. In the United States, people consider this tobacco as an alternative to vaping, smoking, dipping, etc. However, the manufacturing standards of Snus are different in the U.S. as compare to European Standards. It is usually bitter as compared to Swedish Snus. Moving further, let’s discuss some types of Snus that are manufactured in different countries.

Loose snus

    • The tobacco contains moist powder that is packed into spherical or cylindrical shape packets. This is done for easy placement of tobacco inside the lips. Generally, most people prefer a cylindrical shape because of its good grip and high sensational effect. However, some people simply pinch the tobacco and place it inside the lips. This is done for a long-time sensation. This is likely more injurious to health and causes many cuts into lips, which hurts when eaten.
    • This Snus is the most primitive one and today replaced by various portioned verities. Most of the people prefer to have discrete verities of portioned tobacco. This is because of less harmful effects and good sensational effects.

Portion snus

The tobacco is packed into small teabag like packets. It also contains moist powder that is originated from der snuff. Compare to loose Snus, and it comes in smaller quantities. It is likely more convenient and discrete and shows the maximum effect as compare …